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Check your numbers!Now announcing the winning numbers!    …We’re back! Summer Dance Camps return this July!!!  … Save the date for Company Auditions!!!  … It’s happening this summer at In Sync Dance of Auburn…

■ The numbers are in! Are you a winner?

Proceeds from gift and prize drawings held during our shows benefit The Kids Helping Kids Foundation and the work we do to provide assistance to local children and families in need. Thank you from all of us at In Sync Dance of Auburn and The Kids Helping Kids Foundation for attending our Mary Poppins Ballet and for supporting our latest fundraiser.

To claim your prize, contact In Sync Dance Studio and speak with Kevin Krick, President of the Kids Helping Kids Foundation:

Phone: 530.823.6782
»Directions To In Sync Dance Studio

  • 3844991:   Four (4) Tickets to each of next year’s three (3) performances (Nutcracker 2015, Showcase 2016 and Annual Ballet 2016).

  • 3845196:   Performance costumes and fees for the entire dance family for the year, September 2015 through June 2016.

  • 3845141:   12 Months unlimited tuition, beginning September 1, 2015.
  • To learn more about KHKF and the local work we do, visit »About KHKF
    To see a list of the organizations we support, visit »The Organizations We Support

    ■ Check it out! Summer Dance Camps at In Sync!

    Have your summer fun at In Sync Dance!

    Looking for a FAST-PACED and FUN-FILLED summer dance camp experience? If you haven’t tried an In Sync Summer Dance Camp, now’s the time! Our summer “Intensives” are like nothing else. It’s “American Ninja Warrior” meets “So You Think You Can Dance” …add sweat, tears, laughter…. a spoon full of sugar… or two… and toss in a little “Jurassic World.” Then ask yourself that all important question… “DO I STILL HAVE ALL MY BODY PARTS?” You’ll quickly take inventory and join your new found friends and fellow dance mates in a resounding shout out that can be heard above the laughter… “YES! We survived!!!”

    And that’s how our summer camps became referred to as…


    We are the ONLY dance studio in the area to pack this much value into a summer camp. So make that FAST-PACED, FUN-FILLED and a FANTASTIC VALUE! Ask around. In fact, ask our academy students who can’t wait to return year after year(**).

    This summer’s dance camp will be held July 27 to July 31. For a class schedule, fees and to sign up, download the following information.

  • »Download the 2015 Summer Dance Camp Schedule
  • »Download the 2015 Summer Dance Camp Registration Form
  • Still have a question? Having trouble downloading the forms? Press inquiry? Call the studio or send us an email… you can even drop by and check us out!

    Phone: 530.823.6782
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    (**)The pace of our Summer Dance Camps is set for a variety of ages and skill levels. If you are new to In Sync and don’t know where to fit in, give us a call and we’ll help you choose your level. Our goal is for every student to have fun, make new friends, and leave filled with a sense of accomplishment and the spirit of a castaway from “Survivor.”

    ■ Save The Date For Company Auditions This August!

    Mark your calendars for Company Auditions at In Sync Dance to be held Saturday, August 15, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at In Sync Dance Studio in Auburn. Further details to be posted soon!
    »Directions To In Sync Dance Studio

    ■ Lights, Camera… Action!

    Yes! There is an easy button and In Sync Dance of Auburn is making it available for you coming in 2015. Now announcing the arrival of “In Sync Dance, The Movie!” where students, parents and families of In Sync Dance and The Kids Helping Kids Foundation answer all your questions. It’s behind the scenes… it’s uncensored… it’s everything you want to know at the click of a button! Join us in the count down to the premiere.

    Coming soon!