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It’s happening June 18 – 19 at In Sync Dance of Auburn!!!   …ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!

■Mark your calendars! Here comes Alice!!

Alice In Wonderland, The Ballet!
June 18-19 2016
Save these dates for In Sync’s 19th full ballet performance brought to the stage with all original choreography under the direction of Head Mistress Jessie Krick and staff. Lewis Carroll’s beloved story of a little girl’s fantasy adventure takes place in a make believe world down a rabbit hole that is filled with imaginative and colorful characters. The story, published in 1865 and originally called “Alice’s Adventures Underground,” later became “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” We know it today simply as “Alice in Wonderland.” After the Bible and Shakespeare, “Alice In Wonderland” is said to be the next most frequently quoted, referenced and parodied story around the world. When Carroll created this story 150 years ago… long before the Concorde jet, the Internet, or Tweets could speed news around the globe… little did he know his fantasy adventure filled with “joyful nonsense” would eventually be translated into 174 languages or become a worldwide sensation. No story has been at the center of debate, controversy or cross-examined for hidden messages and symbolism more than “Alice.” Yet, no story is more loved by the young, or the young at heart, than “Alice!” Join us for an adventurous romp in Alice’s world brought to life on stage through the art of ballet by In Sync Dance of Auburn. We hope you’ll laugh and cry… and maybe scratch your head in wonderment… as the White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter and 100+ colorful characters present creative answers to a little girl’s big questions on the paradox of life.

The adventure takes place June 18-19 at the Bear River Performing Arts Theatre. Check back for performance times, online ticket sales, and directions to the venue to be posted this spring.


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■ Lights, Camera… Action!

Yes! There is an easy button and In Sync Dance of Auburn is making it available for you coming in 2016. Now announcing the arrival of “In Sync Dance, The Movie!” where students, parents and families of In Sync Dance and The Kids Helping Kids Foundation answer all your questions. It’s behind the scenes… it’s uncensored… it’s everything you want to know at the click of a button! Join us in the count down to the premiere.

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