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In Sync Company Auditions are held every August. Date and details are posted on our website Home Page at the beginning of summer.

Audition Results for 2016-2017 Season: »Company Dancers

What is Company Dance?

Company Dance consists of academy students who have auditioned for one or more dance companies at In Sync Dance of Auburn. Company performers become members of the Kids Helping Kids Foundation and serve as community volunteers at events throughout the year. KHKF and Company dancers work in partnership. The companies are: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap. Each company has three skill levels: Junior, Senior and Elite.

When and where are auditions held?

Auditions are held at the dance studio in August of each year. The date for Company Auditions is posted on our Home Page at the beginning of summer.

Can my family and friends watch me audition?

Auditions are closed sessions. Students receive individual appointment times to demonstrate the skills necessary for the Company they wish to join. The skills are demonstrated for a review panel. Students may audition and be a member of multiple Companies.

Who are the judges?

The review panel consists of the studio director and the staff of instructors. The final decision about which Company is best for each student is made collectively by the review panel.

Why Join? What are the rewards?

Imagine taking the personal rewards and fulfillment a dance performer feels and combining that energy with serving the community. You get an In Sync Company Dancer with heart!

Ask any Company Dancer about the rewarding experience of membership in the Kids Helping Kids Foundation, our non-profit agency that provides aid to local children and families in need. You’ll not only get a warm smile in return, but an enthusiastic explanation about their experiences as a community volunteer. Visit the sidebar menu to the right to view photos, read press coverage and learn more about how KHKF volunteers roll up their sleeves, dig in and give back. Everyone benefits when a child helps another child.

Do you have what it takes to be a Company Dancer?

Weekly choreography classes as well as weekly technique classes in each discipline are required. Company dancers must be available to represent the Kids Helping Kids Foundation at community events.

Here’s your chance to shine and be a member of the most sought after PERFORMANCE COMPANY through the PLACER COUNTY region. From community performances, parades, school events and MORE… In Sync Dance of Auburn does it all! We do Disneyland too!

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